Gems Level Switches Meet Latest Self-Checking Capability Requirements

Many hazardous cargoes now require self-checking of loading and off-loading operations under c l o s e d - l o a d i n g conditions for crude and fuel oil, chemical, and other product carriers. The Gems LS-55555 Series manual check level switches were designed to meet these requirements, specifically for high level control use in closed-loading tankers, but they are equally suitable for use in other types of level applications. A unique safety feature of the LS-55555 switches is the hand simulation for pre-checking closed tank high level alarms. A simple handring atop the unit on deck raises float (s) inside the tank, just as liquid level would, to actuate the system. As normal operation is simulated, the check is a positive one.

Constructed of stainless steel, units up to 15 feet long have one or two level stations with switches either normally open or normally closed. I n s t a l l a t i o n is through a flange in 5-inch, schedule 40 pipe. Electrical components are protected against moisture contamination by a silicone fluid reservoir within the unit's stem assembly. Rough service dependability is built-in throughout. Operating pressure is 50 psig, temperature is 180 F maximum. The magnetically actuated reed switch is hermetically sealed.

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