Columbian CF-3 Stainless Propellers Provide High Performance And Long Life

columbian cf3 stainless propellers
provide high performance and long life

According to Bob Steeber, Columbian Bronze Corporation's director of sales, the propellers now manufactured of CF-3 stainless steel alloy have the strength required to allow "fine-tuning" for maximum performance. The CF-3 does not yield under load or flex out of pitch, and is tough enough to resist erosion from cavitation and service in sandy waters.

Selecting the right alloy for propellers goes beyond metal that provides high-performance design and long life in harsh environments, Mr. Steeber said. It also requires a metal that has, in addition to high strength and toughness, a ductility that lets it bend a little under impact, minimizing damage to shafts, couplings, and transmissions. Propellers made from CF-3, a readily weldable alloy, can be repaired to "like new" condition when necessary by a competent repair service. Virtually all of Columbian's propeller lines—Tetradynes, Hydroflites, Makos, and Hydrosonics— can be manufactured from CF-3 stainless steel.

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