Delaval Turbine Wins $20-Million Contract To Power New Cargo Fleet

Delaval Turbine Inc., Oakland, Calif., has won a $20-million contract to supply marine engines to a new U.S. dry bulk cargo fleet, Delaval Division vice president and general manager Douglas H. Martini announced.

Delaval's Engine and Compressor Division of Oakland, under the project awarded by Levingston Shipbuilding Co., Orange, Texas, will provide each of the five new cargo ships with two RV-12 direct reversing engines. Each 12- cylinder engine is rated at 7,800 bhp. Because no new ships of this type have been built in the U.S. since 1944, Mr. Martini said, the program represents a significant revitalization of the U.S.-flag dry bulk fleet, which now consists of only 19 vessels.

Under a federally-subsidized ship construction program, the Maritime Shipping Administration will assist the shipowner, Levingston Falcon I Shipping Co., with nearly half the cost of the five cargo carriers. Total cost of building the 36,414-dwt, 616-foot ships will be more than $200 million.

Delivery of the engines will be spread over a period of two years, starting in July 1979.

Delaval Turbine Inc., headquartered at Princeton, N.J., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Transamerica Corp.

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