New On-Site Generator Produces On-Demand Oxygen From Ambient Air

MARINOX 1, an on-site, ondemand oxygen generator that eliminates the need for pressurized oxygen cylinders, is now available from' XORBOX, Division of Greene & Kellogg, Inc., Tonawanda, N.Y. Contained in a s t u r d y , salt corrosion-resistant and watertight unit, MARINOX 1 is said to be ideal for cutting, welding, and brazing operations at offshore rig sites, shipbuilding yards, aboard ships at sea, and similar environments requiring ample quantities of oxygen-rich air. The Coast Guard-approved unit meets the ASME Code, and the 400-pound apparatus is a compact 40 by 20 by 56-inches.

The principle of operation of the MARINOX 1 involves air from the atmosphere being supplied to the unit's generator by a standard compressor, at a regular pressure of 60 psig. Nitrogen is then removed by a regenerative, inert ceramic material.

The resulting 95 percent pure oxygen is stored in a surge tank to be drawn off at a regulated pressure of 30 psig. Continuous function is achieved through the use of two absorbents, which alternate drawing in air and expelling nitrogen from the machine.

MARINOX 1 completes its cycle in two minutes.

The new MARINOX 1 is economical not only because it eliminates the need for oxygen cylinders, but also because it gives customers a fixed cost for all the oxygen they produce and use, the manufacturer states. Additionally, once the MARINOX 1 pays for itself, the only cost is the minimal electric expense to run it.

With the power of a 110-volt, 60- cycle outlet, the unit produces oxygen at 75 schf and 0-50 psig. Oxygen can be produced continually, ready for on-site, ondemand use.

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